Light It Up Fit Club

My Light it Up Fit Club is designed to help you incorporate fitness that feels good, eat good food to support your one and only place to live on this planet (I'm talking about your body!) and embrace the things that bring you joy! The world is a little bit overwhelming right now, isn't it? I know many of us didn't expect things to get this bad this quickly but here we are, in a world where social distancing is the new norm and people are being told to stay home. We will not only be focusing on our physical fitness but Self love and growing our confidence.

I am so thankful to be able to create a space to provide comfort and connection during this time. My online support + accountability groups are not just about losing weight or other vanity numbers. We are a community. Despite self-isolation occurring for many of us, we are more connected than ever before through these online spaces, where we can turn to each other to share our struggles and spend time "together." You will be following a workout program which will be designed based on your personal needs and abilities, following it for the next 30 days!You will get Complete Meal plans and learn the basics of meal planning and prep. You will be connected into an accountability group for support from other women, giving you motivation and power to gain your results! I will be working with you 1-1 to setting goals and making sure you get your results.

Next Group kicks off DECEMBER 6TH ! Registration is open NOW! 


I am so so excited that you are interested in joining me for Job 1 

We will be focusing on the habits we all need to keep our bodies and minds happy and healthy! I'm so excited to see you there!
And as for Job 1, here are the basics!
1️⃣ 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week- quick and effective workouts that get results

1️⃣ 3 days of strength training, one of cardio and one of HIIT - plus cycling workouts that you can switch out for cardio!

1️⃣ Jennifer Jacobs training you every step of the way- she is known for her no nonsense approach and her motivation! There is no cast in this workout, so it makes the experience so much more transformative- in body & mind!

1️⃣ Equipment needed: dumbbells and bands!

1️⃣ Our VIP test group starts (only for coaches and preferred customers) DECEMBER 13TH With 20 minutes a day, we can fit this in during any season of life!