My Story

I am a 35 year old mother to three beautiful Children; Sophia who is 7 and Owen who is 6, and Madisyn who is 2. I began this journey in July of 2018 starting in a Challenge group, not knowing ultimately it would soon change my life. 

Prior to being introduced to this program I felt like my life was going on a constant hamster wheel. I had a beautiful, happy family, though I was not happy; I was not happy with myself. I was always so worried about making everyone else happy, making sure everyone else was cared for, except for the most important person; myself. I was overweight, totally depleted of any bits of energy, and stuck in a negative mindset.  

 Today, my life is filled with so much joy that I didn't know was possible! I love the woman looking back at me in the mirror, I practice gratitude for every little thing in my life, and I can finally say I am genuinely happy! I not only love the community that I am a part of, but I have made some of my very best friends in the world. I found a fire that I didn't realize was inside of me when I became a Coach. I truly fell in love with helping my customers reach their fullest potential and now I also help my team of coaches do the exact same thing. I became a coach because I love the products and my results so much that I wanted to share my successes with others and help them to achieve their health and fitness goals too. I truly hope that I can inspire you to join me & do the same! 

How it all began...

As I explained before I was at a really low point in my life. I had just left my yearly physical the doctor said I was over weight, my cholesterol was high, and I just had to go up on my anxiety and depression medication. I had gotten home and was scrolling through Facebook, and had been watching a girl I grew up with and how her life was completely different than it had been. She continuously had a fire in her eyes, this lasting energy in her face, and she looked absolutely amazing. That day I decided I was tired of watching, that I had to know what she was doing, so I messaged her and asked. It was then that she told me she was involved in a Challenge group where she was learning how to meal plan and prep, was working out from home, and had constant accountability and support. The best part, she didn't have to go anywhere, this was all virtual! Being a mom of two toddlers who was also working nights, I decided what did I have to loose? So that day, without even speaking to my husband, I took out a credit card and purchased my first Challenge Pack with a program called Liift4. Little did I know that that tiny decision would change my entire life. From that point forward I was ALL in.

My Transformation

These photos are 4 weeks apart. The photo on the left was taken the day before I began my new program. I couldn't even do one push up on my knees, I would get winded doing 5 jumping jacks. I was totally discouraged at how out of shape I was. But I just kept going. The picture on the right is 4 weeks after, of pushing myself, only working out 4 days a week, meal planning and prepping. As you can see from the difference of the two pictures, at 4 weeks I was so much happier. And because of how I felt, I continued to keep going. At 4 weeks I could do 10 pushups on my knees, jumping jacks were getting much easier. I just kept going....


8 weeks had finally come to an end! I had finished Liift4! I pushed myself to new limits! I pushed through the pain, I pushed through the negative self talk, and I Finished!! By the end of 8 weeks, I was lifting heavier weights, I could do 7 push ups on my toes, and I started having a love hate relationship with Cardio. I was wearing makeup again, getting in the family pictures, and throwing away my "fat" clothes. The feeling I had after completing this program was something I cant explain. And this is when I decided that I wanted to share this with others, to know that it is possible to find yourself again, and it is possible to do hard things. So right then and there, I signed on as a Coach to share this with others, and began my next 80 day program.

 4 Years later I am still showing up every single day ( even when I may not want to ), starting and finishing my programs, sticking to a meal planning and prepping, and drinking my daily dose of nutrition. I have a team of women under me with the same goals as me, to help more people. I am showing up every single day for my family, my clients, and most of all myself! Financially I am in a much better place! My children have a mother that they can look up to and be emotionally present every single day. And I thank God for bringing this program into my life, for bringing other women into my life, giving me friendships that I never knew possible, and allowing me to help change the lives of so many others each and every day!

Client Transformations